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Beyoncé Gives 75 Thousand People Clean Drinking Water in Burundi

Beyonceé and her mother Tina Knowles in Houston after serving meals to victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Beyoncé is kicking humanity goals left, right and centre at the moment. The headlines are all about her upcoming VOGUE cover and how the photographer she’s chosen, Tyler Mitchell, will be the first black photographer to shoot a cover in the magazine’s history. But that’s not her only triumph this week. It’s also the one year anniversary of Beyoncé’s #BEYGOOD4BURUNDI initiative and the things her foundation has achieved in that time is pretty incredible.

BEYGOOD has been working with UNICEF, GUCCI and CHIME FOR CHANGE (an organisation Bey co-founded with Salma Hayek) to tackle the water crisis in Burundi, East Africa. Nearly half the population there doesn’t have access to clean drinking water. Many women and children are forced to walk 8 hours a day to find it, and in most cases it’s not clean or safe to drink. But all this is slowly changing.

In just one year, #BEYGOOD4BURUNDI has built 75 water points in some of the neediest communities, giving 75 THOUSAND people access to clean water. And while the country’s water crisis is far from over,  the team is aiming to make 1500 new wells by the year 2020, reaching close to half a million people.

Check out the video below and if you’d like to help out, you can find more information at BEYGOOD.


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