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Taylor Swift with her hand to her hair and a blue background, in a poster for Apple Music's Artist of the Year announcement

Taylor Swift is Apple Music’s 2023 Artist of the Year

Taylor Swift has been named Apple Music’s Artist of the Year!

It makes complete sense, of course, because she’s not only the No.1 most-streamed female artist in Apple Music’s history, but she’s also managed to have the most songs reach the service’s Global Daily Top 100 – 65 so far this year!

“I am so honoured to be Apple Music’s Artist of the Year,” she said in a statement where, in true Taylor-style, she put the spotlight back on her loyal fans:

“Thank you to every single one of you for making this year the most incredible, joyful, celebratory year ever. From streaming the music nonstop to screaming it together in real life at the shows, dancing chaotically in movie theatres, none of this would have been possible without you. Thank you so much.”


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The award, now in its fifth year, has previously been won by Billie Eilish, Lil Baby, The Weeknd and Bad Bunny.

“Taylor Swift’s impact on music is absolutely undeniable – not just this record-breaking year, but throughout her entire career,” Oliver Schusser, Apple’s Vice President of Apple Music said.

“She is a generation-defining artist and a true change agent in the music industry, and there is no doubt that her impact and influence will be felt for years to come. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to celebrate her achievements.”

Taylor’s ‘Cruel Summer’ was one of the biggest songs on Apple Music worldwide – it entered the top 100 charts in April and it’s stayed there ever since! Meanwhile, Midnights is the biggest album of all time by a female artist going by first-day and first-week streams.

To mark Taylor’s achievement, Apple Music is today spotlighting the moments that defined her “Eras” era with two decades’ worth of melodic album narratives, as well as interviews, and playlists that showcase her journey leading up to her most epic year yet! (You can tune in at apple.co/am-1).

She’ll also be receiving a physical Apple Music Award at a later date.

(Feature Image Credit: courtesy Apple Music; photographed by Beth Garrabrant)


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