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Beyoncé dancing on stage in a gold leotard that accentuates her hips. She has her right hand on her hip while her other hand holds a microphone to her mouth. Her hair is blowing away from her face and there are giant circular lights in the background.

Beyoncé Makes History After Earning Seventh No. 1 Album with ‘Renaissance’

Beyoncé is making history with her latest album, Renaissance. 

According to Billboard, the album has landed at No. 1 on their top 200 charts and that means she’s now the first female artist to have all seven of her solo albums hit the top spot!

This isn’t the first time she’s made history on the Billboard charts either. Back in 2016, when she released her Lemonade album, Bey became the first female artist to ever have 12 or more songs on the chart, at the same time!


Beyoncé released ‘Renaissance’ at the end of July, explaining the “three-act project was recorded over three years during the pandemic.”

“A time to be still, but also a time I found to be the most creative. Creating this album allowed me a place to dream and to find escape during a scary time for the world” she shared on her website.

The joyful album has been well received overall, though she recently changed the lyrics to one of her songs, ‘Heated’, after listening to disability advocates who criticised her for using an ableist slur.

(Feature Image Credit: A.RICARDIO/Shutterstock)

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