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Chris Hemsworth kneels beside his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Chris Hemsworth Receives Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

It’s all about Aussie superstar Chris Hemsworth in Hollywood today – he’s received his star on the Walk of Fame!

The beloved actor, who kicked off his career on Home & Away before becoming one of the biggest names in the industry, was joined by his family including wife and fellow actor Elsa Pataky, as well as filmmaker George Miller, his Furiosa co-star Anya Taylor-Joy and fellow Marvel superhero Robert Downey Jr.

Accepting the honour, Chris said he was filled with gratitude for all those who have supported him along the way:

“Like many actors, on my way to an audition, I would drive through this section here on Hollywood Boulevard and see the billboards and films that I wished I was a part of or the films that were inspiring me. I would sort of ask myself and wonder, wow, one day or what if or what would that be like? How would I feel when that happened, if ever I was to make it anywhere close to it… To be here in reality, I feel a wonderful, profound sense of gratitude. It’s a feeling I keep coming back to because I’m well aware of the many, many people who have been involved in this journey. My family, my friends, my team who have encouraged me, who have kept me passionate, kept me on the right track, picked me up when I fell. They’ve been there as people of support and that support network and I share this with all of them.”

He specifically thanked his parents, Craig and Leonie, as well as Elsa who he acknowledged gave up her own career so his could thrive.



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Taking to the stage Robert Downey Jr. described Chris as a “remarkable human being” with “contagious Aussie charm” before having a little fun with him too:

“And now here comes the roast! I reached out to his fellow Avengers to distill to three simple describing words, what is Chris Hemsworth. First off, Renner says, ‘absurdly, annoyingly amazing’. Ruffalo came in strong with ‘friend from work’. That’s a callback, now I get it. Scarlett got to the heart of it with ‘sensitive leading lady’. Captain America calls him ‘second best Chris’.”

Well played Chris Evans. Well played.  

Chris has had a stellar career since his days as Kim Hyde on Home & Away. Not only has he had massive success portraying Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he’s also starred in countless films including the more recent Extraction 2, the Nat Geo series Limitless with Chris Hemsworth, and the newly released Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga alongside Anya Taylor-Joy.

He’s also the founder of fitness platform Centr and a philanthropist, supporting a number of causes close to his heart including ocean conservation and the Australian Childhood Foundation.

Chris’ star is the 2, 781st on the famous boulevard.

(Feature Image Credit: Eric Charbonneau/Getty Images for Warner Bros.)

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