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Cody Simpson Qualifies for the Commonwealth Games!

Cody Simpson has always wanted to swim for Australia  – and now it’s actually happening!

The 25-year-old musician, actor and environmentalist came 3rd in the 100m butterfly at the Australian Swimming Championships held in Adelaide this week. Although the official squads haven’t been named just yet, it’s clear he’s earned himself a spot at the Commonwealth Games! And with second-placed swimmer Kyle Chalmers not competing at the International Swimming Federation World Championships, looks like Cody will be headed to those games too!

I know that’s a lot of exclamation marks but really, is there anything this guy can’t do? I’m going with no!


Remember back in 2020, when he ever-so-casually announced he’d qualified for the Olympic swimming trials?

“Growing up competing, and then inevitably having to cut my career short as a 13-year-old Australian champion when I was given an opportunity in music that I couldn’t refuse,” he explained on Instagram at the time.


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“For years, I had been fuelled by the silent fire in my stomach of returning to the sport of swimming with the idea that 2020 would be the year I’d try training again. After only 5 months in the water with my incredible coach @hawkebr, I was able to take out a win and secure a spot at next year’s Australian Olympic trials in the 100 fly.”

After his recent third placing, Cody’s coach Brett Hawke shared a reel from the musician’s (or do we call him a swimmer now?) first session in the pool 18 months ago to celebrate how far he’s come:


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A post shared by Brett Hawke (@hawkebr)

Just mind-blowing. And in butterfly too. By far the hardest stroke!

(Feature Image Credit: Quinn Rooney/Getty Images)

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