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Dolly Parton smiling at a red carpet eveng with her signature big, blonde hair.

Dolly Parton Sets Three Guinness World Records!

Dolly Parton is now the holder of three Guinness World Records!

The country music icon was honoured with her new certificates during a celebration in Nashville where she was told she had broken the record for the most decades on the US Hot Country Songs chart (female) – SEVEN, FYI – that’s right, she’s made it on the charts over 70 glorious years!!


She’s also had the most number 1 hits on the US Hot Country Songs chart by a female artist with 25!

And she broke her own existing record for the most hits on the US Hot Country’s Songs chart by a female artist with 109!

And yep, she was pretty darn thrilled about it:

“This is the kind of stuff that really makes you very humble and very grateful for everything that’s happened,” she tells the Guinness World Records.

“I had no idea that I would be in the Guinness World Records this many times! I am flattered and honoured. I’ve had a lot of people help me get here. Thanks to all of you and all of them for helping me have all of this.”


Singer-songwriter George Jones is the only other artist with seven decades of hit-making success on the Hot Country charts.

(Feature Image Credit: S_Bukley/Shutterstock.com)

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