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Geri Halliwell-Horner Receives Honorary Doctorate From Sheffield Hallam University

You can call her Doctor Geri Halliwell-Horner now!

The former Spice Girl has received an honorary doctorate in Media, Arts and Communication from Sheffield Hallam University in South Yorkshire, England. The degree recognises her decades-long contribution to the music industry as well as her work in promoting and advocating for children, young people and women’s rights.

Taking to the stage in her graduation robes, Geri spoke to the class of 2022 about the power of education:

“I sincerely believe education is a superpower – we are learning machines and I am still learning.”

She goes on to explain that while she didn’t attend university she did always value her education: “my love of reading, storytelling and words. I always had my education to lean on. Education is power.”

According to the university, Geri has been working with women’s rights experts as well as their South Yorkshire Children’s University Initiative “which helps raise aspirations and opportunities for hundreds of children and young people across the region, particularly for those from disadvantaged backgrounds, by providing inclusive extra-curricular enrichment activities.”

She is the first member of her famous girl group to receive such a recognition.

(Feature Image Credit: Danny Lawson/PA Images via Getty Images)

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