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Kristen Bell receives the Vision for Peace Award from the United Nations Women's Peace and Humanitarian Fund

Kristen Bell Receives Inaugural ‘Vision For Peace’ Award

Kristen Bell has been honoured with the very first Vision for Peace Award from the United Nations Women’s Peace and Humanitarian Fund!

What is that, you might be wondering? Well…

WPHF is an organisation that specifically supports women who are working to prevent conflict, respond to crises and accelerate peace in their communities. Since its launch in 2016, they’ve funded over 1,000 local and grassroots civil society organisations in 43 countries around the world, reaching over 35 million people.

And Kristen has been helping them do that since 2018 when she became a Global Advocate for the organisation. She’s been using her platform to highlight the women across the globe who are working to build a more peaceful, inclusive and gender-equal world, and also raise funds to boost their work.


Ted Danson and Kristen Bell smile together on the blue carpet at the UN Women's Peace and Humanitarian Fund gala

Ted Danson and Kristen Bell at the United Nations Women’s Peace and Humanitarian Fund Gala; Photo by Katie Levine


During a gala held on Saturday, the Hollywood star was presented with the award by acting legend and her The Good Place co-star Ted Danson. Accepting the honour, Kristen used her moment in the spotlight to point out the urgent need to support more women civil society leaders:

“Less than 1% of global funding goes to women’s organisations in countries experiencing crises or conflicts. That’s unacceptable.”

UN studies show that when women meaningfully participate in conflict resolution, the impact is immeasurable. It can not only accelerate peace-building, but also advance gender equality. Yet, women’s inclusion in conflict resolution remains excessively low, one of the reasons being, their work is hugely underfunded worldwide. Which is where the WPHF comes in – they’re helping fund and ultimately boost women’s participation around the globe.


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In a clip from the event shared with CelebrityKind, Kristen adds, “I think the WPHF kind of spoke to me because it is the most root-cause attention I’ve ever seen. Finding women in their own communities who have ideas about bringing change, or promoting peace and supporting them is pretty much the best idea you can think of. Empowering the women that are actually on the ground that are seeing the problem that also have the solutions just seems like the most respectful way to handle any type of giving.”

Also featured at the awards alongside Kristen were Hajer Sharief from Libya and Horia Mosadiq from Afghanistan, two women working on the front lines to build peace and respond to crises in their respective communities.

(Feature Image Credit: Doug Grantz/BFA.com)


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