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Kristin Davis received the 2023 The Perfect World Award in Sweden for her conservation efforts.

Kristin Davis Named Conservationist of the Year For Efforts To Save Wild Elephants

Kristin Davis has been named Conservationist of the Year by The Perfect World Foundation, a prestigious honour recognising her efforts to save wild elephants.

The Hollywood star, best known for her iconic role as Charlotte in Sex and The City (SATC), and its spinoff And Just Like That, was celebrated during a ceremony in Sweden on September 14. The annual accolade goes to an individual who has made a significant contribution to the preservation of wildlife and nature worldwide, with previous recipients including world-renowned naturalist and media personality Sir David Attenborough, primatologist Dr. Jane Goodall and climate activist Greta Thunberg.

So yeah, this is definitely a big deal!

Kristin Davis kisses her award received from The Perfect World Foundation

Kristin Davis photo by Rebecka Bjurmell via The Perfect World Foundation


Kristin, who has worked with various animal conservation organisations, regularly uses her platform to advocate for animal rights, and both produced and starred in the Netflix film Holiday in the Wild about elephant poaching, was presented with the award by Sarah, Duchess of York.


Kristin Davis with Sarah, the Duchess of York at The Perfect World Foundation Awards in Sweden

Kristin Davis with Sarah, Duchess of York at The Perfect World Foundation Awards. Photo by Petra Björstad 


“When I was a little child I loved elephants. I always wanted to watch elephant programs, and I had stuffed elephants,” Kristin said before explaining how she became involved with elephant rescue programs later in life:

“I happened to be in Kenya and I happened to find an orphaned elephant who’d been orphaned from the drought, and from poaching. We were able to take this elephant to the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust where she was rehabilitated and now she lives in the wild, which is really wonderful, in a protected area. It’s a really, very rewarding thing.”


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Kristin also shared her thoughts on how we can all contribute to animal conservation or other issues we’re passionate about:

“As adults there’s so many things we can do in terms of our own choices we’re making on a day-to-day basis, how we’re spending our money, recycling, who we’re voting for, researching the environmental issues for a politician so that we know that they stand for what we stand for,” she said.

“I just think once you find out what you love, you fight for what you love and if we all did that, so many issues would be solved, I feel.”


Kristin Davis on the red carpet at The Perfect World Foundation Awards in Sweden.

(l-r) Ragnhild Jacobsson, Kristin Davis, Lars Jacobsson, Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, Martin Stenmarck. Photo by Rebecka Bjurmell via The Perfect World Foundation.


And while Kristin’s SATC family couldn’t be there to cheer her on, Sarah Jessica Parker and Cynthia Nixon did surprise the actor with heartfelt video messages played during the event.

“I am particularly delighted and feel that you truly deserve to be recognised and honoured for the extraordinary work you do for the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and countless other organisations making a significant and meaningful impact,” Sarah Jessica Parker said.

“As I try to tell you often, you are an inspiration. I love you so much, and I wish I could be there to witness all of this, but I’m there in spirit. I just want you to know that we love you and are proud of you every day, but especially tonight.”

Actor Rob Lowe, who starred alongside Kristin in her film Holiday in the Wild, also shared his congratulations:

“I can’t think of anyone more passionate about animal conservation than you. Only you could get me to venture into the African wilderness to make a film and shed light on the preservation of our surviving elephants. You deserve this.”

Later celebrating her award on Instagram, Kristin put the spotlight on those who work tirelessly every day to protect wildlife:

“I see my mission as bringing attention to the work that @sheldricktrust does to save wild elephants and conserve wild habitats. @tpwaward means so much to me because @tpw_foundation is also helping to save wild spaces by planting trees all over the world. And bringing much needed awareness to the people working so hard to save all of the wild animals who are endangered. Thank you so much for this award 💚”

(Feature Image Credit: Rebecka Bjurmell via The Perfect World Foundation)

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