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Lizzo is Pure Joy While Playing 200-year-old Presidential Crystal Flute

Lizzo smiles at a red carpet event. Her long black hair sits straight, behind her shoulders. She wears big gold hoop earrings and a one shoulder coffee-coloured dress.


Lizzo had a very special moment during her recent concert in Washington DC…

The superstar – and trained flautist – played a crystal flute from the 1800s, owned by fourth U.S. President James Madison!

How does one end up with said historical flute? Well, in the days leading up to her show, Lizzo was invited by the Library of Congress to visit their extensive instrument archives. The Library also offered her the opportunity to play some of them. So at Tuesday night’s concert, Lizzo said hell yes. 


“This is from the early 1800s,” Lizzo can be heard saying in footage shared by audience members online. (And yes, there were bodyguards up on that stage with the flute!)

“This was a gift to James Madison from a French crystal flute designer to celebrate his second term. There was a fire…and the only two things that were saved were a portrait of George Washington and this crystal flute right her. I am the first person to ever play it!”


And of course, in true Lizzo-style, she twerked while playing a few notes.

“B****, I just twerked and played James Madison’s flute from the 1800s!” she said with joyful disbelief. “History is freaking cool you guys!”

Yes it is Lizzo. Yes, it is!


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