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Mark Ruffalo lies beside his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Mark Ruffalo’s Beautiful Reminder to Believe in Yourself and Your Dreams!

Mark Ruffalo has received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and he’s used his platform to remind us all about the power of persistence.

Accepting the honour, the actor and long-time supporter of Indigenous rights began by acknowledging the Indigenous owners of the land upon which the ceremony was taking place before reflecting on his long road to success. Mark explained his journey included seven years of acting school and many moments of wanting to give up on his dreams. However he was surrounded by people who constantly reminded him to keep going including his siblings, his friends and beloved grandma:

“My grandmother used to send me 20 bucks a week. An envelope, a little note that said, ‘I believe in you. Stay put. You can do this.'”

Mark recalled how hard the early days were when he first moved to Hollywood at the age of 18: “I was so freakin’ poor and I was starving. And I didn’t have a car and it was really hard to live in Los Angeles but I was with all my friends who were the same. Who wanted the same thing. To share with the world a little bit of the greatness that they feel is inside themselves.”

He continued, “and so I want to say to you young people here…. there’s nothing that’s difficult in life that isn’t in some way worth it, whether you make it or not. And that nothing worth a good god damn in life is easy. So hang on, because there’s no reason I should’ve been here and I tried to quit five, six times and I had people, my friends here told me don’t quit My brother told me don’t quit. My mum told me don’t quit. My wife told me don’t quit and there’s no reason I should be here, but I’m here.”


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The actor was surrounded by family and friends during the ceremony including his 13 Going on 30 co-star Jennifer Garner, who shared some hilarious stories about how much Mark Ruffalo did not want to do that ‘Thriller’ dance scene in the film. But, of course, he did it anyway and it went on to become one of the most iconic moments from the film! The pair even took a moment to recreate the scene:

Ending his speech, Mark gave an emotional thank you to his fans, his team as well as his wife Sunrise and their children, saying his star is all for them.

(Feature Image Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

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