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Thelma Plum wears a black dress and stares directly at the camera. The background is a rose pink.

Thelma Plum Wins Major Global Songwriting Competition

Look, we already knew Thelma Plum was a super talent but here we are celebrating that super talent of hers once again.

The Gamilaraay singer-songwriter has taken out the top prize in the world’s biggest song-writing competition:


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“I am so honoured that ‘Better in Blak’ has won the Vanda & Young Songwriting Competition,” she posted on Insta, thanking “everyone who connected to a song that is deeply personal, written when I was feeling very alone.”

She adds, “I don’t feel alone today.”


Thelma was first recognised by the competition back in 2013 when she was named runner-up for her song ‘Breathe in, Breathe Out.’

Taking 2nd place in this year’s comp is Baker Boy for ‘Meditjin’ and Ruel for ‘Painkiller’.

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