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MuslimThicc's Zahra wears her graduation gown and cap and poses for a pic.

TikTok Star “MuslimThicc” Just Graduated With a Degree in Computer Science!

Muslim Thicc’s Zahra has graduated from the University of Albany with a degree in Computer Science!

The TikTok star with – let’s face it – the smoothest voice on social media, who has gained a following of over 3 million through her charming life musings, playful takes on wearing a hijab and the occasional makeup tutorial, has been studying for the last four years, in between all that posting.

In a message on Instagram she not only thanked her family and friends who have supported her along the way, but also shared an inspirational message for young women thinking about pursuing a career in a male-dominated industry:


“Thank you to my lovely parents for their unconditional love and support and for crossing a literal ocean to give me and my siblings a life of opportunity,” she begins.

“Thank you to my brothers and all of my wonderful friends for keeping me sane through these last four years with their laughs and their hugs and their company,” Zahra continues.


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“To all my lovely young ladies reading this: as cliche as it sounds, you can achieve anything you set your mind to. Being in a male dominated field can feel intimidating at times, but you are a beautiful badass with a big brain so don’t let anything hold you back.”

Zahra’s backstory to all this is quite a hilarious one. She didn’t tell her parents about her TikTok until she hit 20,000 followers and even then, her mum and dad weren’t too keen on her online activities.

So she did what every teenager would do when their parents say no – she continued to post videos, but she did it under a new username, @muslimthicc.


And here she is, millions of followers later, getting invites to the Grammys and scoring brand deals with some major companies including Amazon, Walmart and Chipotle.

It looks like her parents are ok with her social media fame these days too – they make the occasional appearance in her videos.

But what’s next for the bachelor qualified TikTok star? I guess we’ll just have to wait for Zahra to post one of her smooth-voiced videos and let us know!

@muslimthiccwe couldn’t find the audio but… ya girl graduated w a BS in computer science today 🥺🥺 ##college ##graduation ##fyp♬ original sound – zahra

(Feature Image Credit: @zahr4/Instagram; @muslimthicc/TikTok)


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