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Winnie Harlow Launches Suncare Line to Cater to All Skin Tones

Model and activist Winnie Harlow has announced the launch of her latest project – she’s developed her very own suncare collection!

The range of sunscreens, called CAY SKIN, are designed for, well, everyone under the sun, and according to a release shared by the brand,  “formulated to keep all skin tones protected and glowing all year round.”

Winnie, who has grown up with an autoimmune disorder and skin condition vitiligo, says she was inspired to create the products after an all-day beach photoshoot in 2018. At the time, she was discouraged from wearing sunscreen on set because the products left a white cast on her skin tones – but this resulted in severe sun damage with Winnie requiring medical treatment.


“My experience deepened my conviction to create suncare products that are both comfortable to wear every day, and effective at providing truly invisible protection no matter your skin tone,” the Jamaican-Canadian models says.

“Traditional sunscreens are notorious for being heavy, uncomfortable, not wearing well under makeup and worst of all, leaving a white or purple cast, especially on people of colour. This has lead to so many people I know skimping on suncare in everyday life,” she adds, and yes, we all know that’s a no-no!

The CAY SKIN range, which Winnie has been working on for the last two years, is light, silicone-free and has SPF 45 or more. The packaging is 75% recyclable and the brand has partnered with A Place Called Home, a nonprofit in LA that provides a safe, nurturing environment for youth to build self-love and confidence.

Learn more at CaySkin.com

(Feature Image Credit: Andrea Raffin/Shutterstock)

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