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Ricky Gervais smiles at a press event wearing a black suit.

Animal Charities Around the World Thank Ricky Gervais For £1.9M Donation

Animal charities are bursting with gratitude for Ricky Gervais after he made a £1.9 million donation (almost US$2.4 million) to support their work.

The comedian’s generous gift came from the extra profits he generated by selling platinum tickets to his latest tour, Armageddon. It’s a little something he’s been doing since his 2017 tour, to not only give his biggest fans some perks but also support charities he believes in.

“Thank you to everyone around the world who bought a ticket to my Armageddon show. The animals thank you too,” he posted on X (formerly Twitter).

11 animal organisations are sharing in the donation, including All Dogs Matter, Animal SOS Sri Lanka, Chaldon Animal Sanctuary and Helping Rhinos. Taking to social media, the charities shared their gratitude for Ricky’s support including UK based organisation, Dogs on the Streets:

“Have had my head in my hands of late thinking how are we going to cover all our costs and expenses that are increasing weekly. Today a Christmas wish came true to help us. Thank you @rickygervais from all the little paws on the streets, the dogs in our sanctuary care as well as huge thanks from the humans too. Your heart is a golden paw print of love and such kindness.”


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The official Helping Rhinos account also shared a message on X:

“We are very proud to be one of the chosen charities to benefit from the proceeds of @rickygervais most recent tour. Ricky has been a vocal and passionate advocate for animals around the world for many years and we are honoured to receive this support.”

As did Paws2RescueUK:

“A huge thank you from all the stray dogs in Romania to their hero, our amazing patron @rickygervais. We are so honoured, proud and over the moon to be a recipient of Ricky’s incredible donation of almost £2 million to charities from his Armageddon tour.”

Of course, Ricky added his signature wit and humour to his generous donation. The comic said, “I hope the dogs, cats, rhinos and monkeys invest this money wisely, because when my career goes tits up, I’ll need it back!” (as per Chortle).

Other charities benefiting from Ricky’s kindness include Catastrophes Cat Rescue, Millions of Friends, Mira Dogs, PDSA and Wild Futures.

And if you missed his epic 85-day tour, don’t worry –Armageddon will be available to watch on Netflix from Christmas Day.

(Feature Image Credit: Ron Adar/Shutterstock.com)

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