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Kim Kardashian poses at a red carpet event. She has sleek black hair that sits on her shoulders and wears a high-neck gold, sleeveless dress.

Animal Rights Group Honours Kim Kardashian By Naming Rescued Cow After Her

So you may’ve heard, Kim Kardashian doesn’t eat meat anymore.

The reality star follows a largely vegan lifestyle and she’s been encouraging her 215 million Instagram followers to give it a go too.

When animal rights group, PETA, heard about this, they were pretty stoked.


So stoked, in fact, that their branch in India who recently rescued and won custody of a cow they believe was being abused by its former owner, decided to name the animal after the famous reality star and entrepreneur – Kimberly Kowdashian.

“PETA is thanking the mother of four for showing compassion to moms of all species by encouraging her family and fans to go vegan,” a recent post by PETA reads.


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Last year, during a Q&A on Twitter, Kim revealed she’s “mostly plant-based” and more recently, she’s been sharing photos of her favourite meals in her Insta stories including Beyond Meat burgers and vegan tacos.

As for Kimberly Kowdashian? PETA says she’s doing well and  “enjoys snacking on green grass and lounging in the shade.” Plus she’s made friends with two other cows named Sonya and Meena since arriving at the sanctuary.

(Feature Image Credit: Tinseltown/Shutterstock.com)

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