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Awkwafina Adopts New Pup & Highlights Work of “Korean K9 Rescue”

Awkwafina smiles at a red carpet event. She wears a long-sleeve pink dress. Her black hair sits long on her chest.

Photo by Tsuni-USA/Shutterstock.com

Awkwafina has a new furry friend in her life!

The actress, comedian and internet queen, shared a series of photos of the dog on her Instagram – and he’s as cute as you can imagine.


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“Everyone, meet Haeng-Un Lum, new to America and the newest member of my family,” she captioned the pics.

Awkwafina explains that she adopted him after learning about the work of Korean K9 Rescue, a New York based organisation that saves dogs from the meat trade, high-kill shelters and puppy mills in South Korea.

She wasn’t “planning on a adopting a pup” but says she “fell in love with this almost 3-year-old nugget, and was truly moved by the care and hard work the organisation does to protect these animals.”


According to Korean K9 Rescue, 2.5 million dogs are tortured and slaughtered for consumption in Korea every year. They are working to reduce these numbers by rescuing strays and animals from dog meat farms by housing them in their care facility in Bundang, South Korea.

Here, they’re provided with safe quarantine, are vaccinated and screened for health issues – and they’re cared for until they develop a sense of confidence and trust.

With adoption rates of less than 15% in Korea, they then transport as many dogs as they can to the United States where adoption rates are significantly higher.

“Over 1,200 dogs are rescued and successfully adopted through KK9R every year,” it reads on their website.

“Welcome to the family Haeng-Un,” Awkwafina ends her post.

“I love you very much.”

(Feature Image Credit: @imjustinho/Instagram; For more of his work, checkout weddingsbyjustin.com)

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