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Kaley Cuoco Adopts a Rescued Baby Rooster


There’s a sweet new addition to Kaley Cuoco’s life – and he’s pretty clucking cute!

The Flight Attendant and Big Bang Theory star has announced she’s adopted a baby rooster.

His name is “Mini Coop,” has brown feathers all over…and really is mini!

@kaleycuoco/Insta Stories

“Welcome to your new life Mini Coop!” she captioned a pic of him peeking out of her jacket on her Insta stories.

“We rescued a baby mini rooster and I’m completely in [heart emoji]. Rescued is my favourite breed.”

She didn’t go into any details about his rescue background but she did share a bunch of ridiculously adorable videos and photos of him including this one of him hanging out in his new home with a stuffed unicorn…

@kaleycuoco/Insta Stories


And another one of them together, out and about, again peeking out of her jacket:

Photo via @kaleycuoco/Insta Stories

“Thank you Kaley Cuoco for adopting the teeniest, tiniest little rooster there ever was,” Rita Earl Blackwell from the Lancaster Animal Care Centre in Los Angeles County shared on Instagram.

“Mini Cooper was adored at the Lancaster Animal Care Cemter [sic] and would often spend time in the offices with staff while they worked! Everyone came out to say goodbye and send him on his way.”

The much loved rooster now has his forever home with Kaley, and we couldn’t be happier for him!

(Feature Image Credit: @kaleycuoco/Instagram Stories)

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