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Pup Rescued By Dog Hero Niall Harbison Finds Forever Home With Liam Gallagher

Animal rescue legend Niall Harbison has revealed a dog he saved months ago has found her forever home with singer and former Oasis star Liam Gallagher. 

Niall, who dedicates his life to rescuing dogs from the streets of Thailand and runs a sanctuary to care for them, shared the heartwarming update on his popular Instagram page. He revealed the brown pup named Buttons was abandoned by his owners at just five months old for not being “cute enough.”

“She was the only dog to ever invite herself into the little sanctuary as she had no food and nowhere to live,” he captioned his post.


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Explaining how the pup ended up with Liam, Niall tells CelebrityKind the singer and his family filled in the application to adopt along with hundreds of others, but were ultimately the perfect match:

“We posted Buttons for adoption on social media and put an application form on the website. Within 24 hours we had hundreds of applicants, so we narrowed it down based on the adoption criteria that would suit Buttons the best. After reading through the remaining applicants, we came across one from Liam Gallagher. Of course, we didn’t think it was THE Liam Gallagher initially, but after reading through all of his responses, it became quite apparent what he was indeed the Liam Gallagher.”


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With Liam and his family meeting all the adoption requirements, a Zoom interview was then set up where it became “immediately clear” that they would provide the right home for her.

“They had been following her story for months, and they were already in love with her so it was a perfect match.”

Once the paperwork went through, little Buttons travelled over 10,000km by boat, taxi, plane, ferry and train to  meet her new family in the UK.

Buttons, the dog adopted by Liam Gallagher

Photo courtesy Niall Harbison/Instagram

“As soon as I dropped Buttons off, I knew she was in the perfect forever home. She was showered with love and settled in immediately. She is going to be incredibly happy with Liam.”

According to his Donorbox website, Niall currently looks after 80 street dogs a month, providing them with food, medicine, vet care and more, funding the mission either himself or through donations from the public. He hopes to expand his work so he can help save 10,000 dogs a month.

Dog hero Niall Harbison with puppies


“I am working towards having a facility and more people in an organisation to really help more dogs at scale so every penny helps.”

You can follow Niall’s work on Instagram: @niall.harbison

(Feature Image Credit: courtesy Niall Harbison)

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