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Michael Bublé visits gorillas at Weribee Open Rage Zoo (Photo: 2zoosvictoria/Instagram)

Michael Bublé Visits Zoo Gorillas that Enjoy Chilling to His Music

It seems we’re not the only ones who enjoy Michael Bublé’s soft, velvety tones. Some gorillas at Werribee Open Range Zoo dig his music too!

According to Zoos Victoria, primates Ganyeka, Yakini and Motaba find Bublé’s songs soothing, and they particularly enjoy his Christmas album.

“When we play Michael Bublé’s CDs, the boys will instantly start pleasure grumbling and sit nice and calm and relaxed,” says gorilla keeper Ben Gulli in a video posted online.

And when the Zoo reached out to the singer to tell him about the impact he was having on their animals, Bublé took some time out during his Australian tour to pay them a visit!

He gave them their own private concert, singing “I’ll Be Home For Christmas”  and yep, the gorillas all stopped to listen.

Check out the heart-warming video below:



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