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two photos of Terri Irwin and Russell Crowe smiling at separate red carpet events

Terri Irwin Thanks Russell Crowe For Helping Save Archie The Kookaburra

This week at Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital, an injured kookaburra named Archie was returned back to the wild and it turns out, it’s partly thanks to Hollywood star Russell Crowe. 

According to a Twitter post by conservationist and zoo owner Terri Irwin, it was the actor who provided the funds for the zoo to purchase a life-saving endoscope which helped vets look inside the bird’s body and remove a fishing hook, without invasive surgery.


“Archie the kookaburra had swallowed a fishing hook when he arrived at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital,” a message reads from Wildlife Warriors, the foundation started by Terri and her late husband, Steve, in 2002.

“An endoscope was used to locate the hook, following which it was safely removed using a protective sleeve. Thankfully, Archie recovered and he has returned back to the wild.”

“Thank you Russell Crowe for donating the funds to purchase this life-saving endoscope. Archie really appreciated it!” Terri shared.

Yep, so Archie’s now out there somewhere, laughing it up again!

In 2018, Russell bought a turtle endoscope so fish hooks could be removed from them without surgery. He’s also regularly making donations to his pals at Australia Zoo to help them continue their conservation work, including setting up a “John Oliver Chlamydia Ward” to help save koalas  – and yes, it’s named after his mate, talk-show host John Oliver!

(Feature Image Credit: Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock.com; Christina Peterson/CelerbityKind.com)

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