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Cynthia Nixon

Cynthia Nixon (not Miranda Hobbes) to Run for Governor

This week Cynthia Nixon announced her plans to run for Governor of New York.

If, like me, the memories of a red-haired, straight-talking, suited-up lawyer yelling at a man dressed up like a sandwich was the first image in your head, it’s time to remember Cynthia Nixon is not Miranda Hobbes. In fact, it’s everything she’s done since Sex and the City, that shows us who she really is and what causes are close to her heart.

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Like that time in 2011 when she lobbied state lawmakers to legalise same-sex marriage in New York. (And married her partner, Christine Marinoni the following year.) Or that time she became the face of the Fight Back New York PAC working to get politicians who are against marriage equality out of office.

Like that time she took part in an anti-harrassment campaign to remind us that sexual harassment comes in many different forms and should never be tolerated.

Like her years of supporting public education and becoming the spokesperson for the Alliance for Quality Education. Most recently she called out current Governor Andrew Cuomo for not allocating enough funding towards public education and asking “why he can’t prioritise education for Black, Brown, immigrant and low income students.”

Like that time she stood up for equality by taking part in the Women’s March with her family. Or protested President Trump’s immigration ban. Or supported planned parenthood and abortion rights.

Like that time she survived breast cancer and became a cancer awareness advocate.

Cynthia Nixon has been taking a stand on important issues for years and it’s only occasionally made it to the mainstream media. But now? Now we’re listening. Check out her video announcing her plans below:


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