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TV Stars Speak Up For #SilencedVoices

Some of the cast members of Jane The Virgin, Shameless, Orange Is The New Black, The Good Place and more are using their social media platforms to remind us about the families who are still separated at the US border. They’re posting videos of themselves with the hashtag #SilencedVoices and they’re reading the words of parents at Port Isabel Detention Center…

Finding purpose in kindness: Azie Tesfai.

Actress Azie Tesfai‘s kindness has no bounds – literally. While playing Nadine Hanson in the hit series, Jane The Virgin, she has also been helping thousands of people around the world, from Africa to Asia and South America. Her latest role is that of ambassador for SupportKind – an organisation started by Angelina Jolie to help refugees and provide legal services to children facing…