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Jon Stewart at an awards event. He has greying hair and a short beard, and wears a suit.

Jon Stewart’s Tribute to Beloved Dog Boosts Donations to Animal Haven

Animal rescue charity Animal Haven says it’s received thousands of dollars in donations following the passing of Jon Stewart’s much-loved family dog. The Daily Show host recently shared a heartfelt tribute to Dipper, explaining how his family first met the three-legged Brindle Pit Bull 12 years ago when his kids set up a cake stall…

Ricky Gervais smiles at a press event wearing a black suit.

Animal Charities Around the World Thank Ricky Gervais For £1.9M Donation

Animal charities are bursting with gratitude for Ricky Gervais after he made a £1.9 million donation (almost US$2.4 million) to support their work. The comedian’s generous gift came from the extra profits he generated by selling platinum tickets to his latest tour, Armageddon. It’s a little something he’s been doing since his 2017 tour, to…

Leonardo DiCaprio smiles at a press event.

Leonardo DiCaprio is Supporting Calls to End Industrial Whaling in Iceland

Leonardo DiCaprio wants to see an end to industrial whaling in Iceland. The Hollywood star and co-founder of conservation organisation Re:Wild is using his platform to highlight the current situation in the country, and support the majority of Icelanders who want the practice permanently banned. Taking to his Instagram stories, Leo writes: “There has been…

Anya Taylor-Joy Cuddled by Koala During Visit to Conservation Centre

Anya Taylor-Joy has spent some time at a koala conservation centre in Australia where she’s received the most heart-melting cuddle from one of the animals. The Queen’s Gambit star shared a video of the wholesome interaction on Instagram explaining how one “little guy dropped down from his tree” while she was learning about the country’s fauna….

Prince Harry & Duchess Meghan Adopt Rescue Beagle Named Mamma Mia

There’s a new member of the Sussex family! The Beagle Freedom Project (BFP), a nonprofit based in Hollywood, working to end the exploitation of animals through rescue projects, campaigns and new legislation, has revealed Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan have adopted 7-year-old Mamma Mia, one of their rescued beagles. “Mia has found her forever fairytale…