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Jameela Jamil

“This is Just the Beginning” – Jameela Jamil on Instagram’s New Diet Products Policy

Huge worldwide applause for Instagram today after the social media giant announced it would be restricting posts promoting diet and detox products to its young users. And the person who’s cheering the loudest? That’d be actress Jameela Jamil. The Good Place star has been using her platform for some time now to draw attention to…

Justin Timberlake , Missy Elliot and Alex Lacamoire after receiving honorary doctorates from Berklee College of Music (Photo: @alacamoire/Instagram)

Doctor Timberlake Urges Fans to “Keep Chasing” Dreams

Wait a minute. What? Why are we calling him Doctor Timberlake now? Because he is one! Yep, Justin Timberlake has received an honorary doctorate in music from Berklee College in Boston. The superstar attended a ceremony on the weekend along with rap star Missy Elliot and ‘Hamilton’ composer Alex Lacamoire who also received honorary doctorates. During his…

David Schwimmer’s #ThatsHarassment Videos Play in NYC Cabs

Friends star David Schwimmer made a bunch of important videos about sexual harassment last year and they’ve been doing the rounds in 13,000 cabs across New York City. “My mother, my sister, countless female colleagues and friends have all experienced some form of sexual harassment in their lifetime,” David said when the ads were initially released. “Now I’m…

Fuller House’s Jodie Sweetin Adds Her Voice To #BelieveSurvivors

She didn’t use the hashtag, but today, Fuller House star Jodie Sweetin swapped her usually light-hearted social media posts for a much more serious one, as she added her voice to the ongoing conversation about believing survivors of sexual assault. The reaction? Well, quite frankly, it’s been disgusting. “I stand with her. I AM her. I was the…

Adrian Grenier wants you to #StopSucking

#StopSucking on single-use plastic straws – that’s what Entourage star and United Nations Goodwill Ambassador Adrian Grenier is asking all of us to do right now. Why? Because there are 500 MILLION – yes MILLION – straws being used in America every single day and they’re ending up in our oceans, causing pollution and killing sea life….

Finding purpose in kindness: Azie Tesfai.

Actress Azie Tesfai‘s kindness has no bounds – literally. While playing Nadine Hanson in the hit series, Jane The Virgin, she has also been helping thousands of people around the world, from Africa to Asia and South America. Her latest role is that of ambassador for SupportKind – an organisation started by Angelina Jolie to help refugees and provide legal services to children facing…

Shouting from a rooftop: JOHN OLIVER!

A friend of mine – let’s call him Richard – recently pointed out that I “should be shouting Oliver’s name from the rooftops rather than Winfrey’s.” He was referring to English comedian and “Last Week Tonight” host John Oliver.  At first, I was all, pffffff! Come on Dickie! No one compares to Oprah! But then I looked into it, and John Oliver…

Adrian Grenier’s New Entourage

I’m honored to announce that yesterday I was appointed as a UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador in recognition of my work for the environment and, specifically, our ocean. The ocean has taught me the power of unity. Each individual drop coming together to create our most vital life force, the ocean embodies the power of togetherness….