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‘Lou’ Actress Ridley Asha Bateman on the Lessons She Learned Working with Allison Janney & Jurnee Smollett

When she’s not playing the trumpet, sweeping opponents in JiuJitsu or making slime, Ridley Asha Bateman is lighting up the screen with her charisma, confidence and talent. The 9-year-old from California who also likes to bake, do parkour and hang out with her big brother Caden, is the daughter of multi-skilled actress and singer Rachel Luttrell…

Rafael Castillo on ‘Mo’, Falling in Love With Acting & Afro-Latino Representation

Seven years ago, Rafael Castillo took his first acting class – and it changed his life. The Dominican-American actor, who’s making waves as menacing thug Dante in the hit Netflix series Mo (starring Mo Amer), was meant to be a pro-athlete. He’d been excelling at college football but when he realised this wasn’t the path that…