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‘Lou’ Actress Ridley Asha Bateman on the Lessons She Learned Working with Allison Janney & Jurnee Smollett

When she’s not playing the trumpet, sweeping opponents in JiuJitsu or making slime, Ridley Asha Bateman is lighting up the screen with her charisma, confidence and talent. The 9-year-old from California who also likes to bake, do parkour and hang out with her big brother Caden, is the daughter of multi-skilled actress and singer Rachel Luttrell…

Rafael Castillo on ‘Mo’, Falling in Love With Acting & Afro-Latino Representation

Seven years ago, Rafael Castillo took his first acting class – and it changed his life. The Dominican-American actor, who’s making waves as menacing thug Dante in the hit Netflix series Mo (starring Mo Amer), was meant to be a pro-athlete. He’d been excelling at college football but when he realised this wasn’t the path that…

3 Questions With ‘Never Have I Ever’ Actress Lily D. Moore: “I Am a Lot Like Rebecca”

When it comes to Lily D. Moore, one thing is for sure: she is unstoppable. The 19-year-old who has her sights set on becoming the first actress with Down syndrome to win an Oscar, made audiences around the world fall in love with her sass and ‘tude playing Rebecca Hall-Yoshida in the hit Netflix series Never…