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Aussie Entertainment Industry Urges PM To Get Families Off Nauru and Manus

Actors, producers, filmmakers, directors, musicians – and basically anyone you can possibly think of who’s part of the Australian entertainment industry – have written an open letter to the PM and the Opposition Leader urging them to remove asylum seekers detained on Nauru and Manus, and bring them to safety. More than 900 artists including…

TV Stars Speak Up For #SilencedVoices

Some of the cast members of Jane The Virgin, Shameless, Orange Is The New Black, The Good Place and more are using their social media platforms to remind us about the families who are still separated at the US border. They’re posting videos of themselves with the hashtag #SilencedVoices and they’re reading the words of parents at Port Isabel Detention Center…

CelebrityKind Books: ‘I Am Me’ by Silvana Philippoussis

She’s walked runways all over the world and has been part of major international campaigns for Gucci, Armani and Chanel. She’s an actress, an artist and a mum. Now, Silvana Philippoussis can add ‘author’ to her long, long list of achievements. And we can thank her famous other half, tennis star Mark Philippoussis, for encouraging her down…

Helena Christensen in a still from the #IWillNotForgetYou campaign

Helena Christensen Remembers the People of Chernobyl

Helena Christensen is adding her voice to the #IWillNotForgetYou campaign. It’s a social media movement to support all those affected by the Chernobyl disaster. You see, it’s been 32 years since a damaged reactor spread a radioactive cloud over what’s now known as Ukraine, Belarus and the Russian Federation. Millions of people were exposed to radiation…

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