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Beyoncé attends a press event for The Lion King dressed in a jewelled jacket.

Beyoncé is Loving Life At 40 & Celebrates Her Growth in an Open Letter to Fans

A couple of weeks after turning 40, Beyoncé has shared a message with her fans celebrating her life and the growth she’s experienced over the years. The hand-written letter, posted on her official website, begins by wishing her fellow Virgo peeps well and thanking the fans around the world who’ve been sending her birthday wishes….

Linda Evangelista

Linda Evangelista is Owning Her Story & Sharing Her Truth About Why She’s Been Avoiding the Spotlight

Legendary supermodel Linda Evangelista has bravely opened up about why we haven’t seen her for so many years. In a candid message posted on Instagram, she reveals that she’s been in a “deep depression” after undergoing a CoolSculpting procedure several years ago that left her “brutally disfigured.” But she’s finally ready to own the story and end…

Photo of G Flip wearing a green tee, brown cap and glasses. One had is on their kneww and the other sits under their cheek. They are smiling at the camera.

Aussie Music Legend G Flip Announces They’re Non-Binary

Aussie singer, songwriter, producer and drummer G Flip has announced they’re non-binary and will now go by the pronouns “they/them.” In a post on Instagram to their 170,000 fans, they shared a series of seriously cute pics from childhood through to now along with a message about how they are still the same person. “I’m non-binary mother…

Elliot Page smiles at a red carpet event. His hair is tied back with a few strands loosely hanging around his face. He wears a black jacket and shirt.

Elliot Page Says He’s Finally Able to “Just Exist” Since Coming Out as Transgender

Elliot Page has taken part in his first interview since coming out as transgender, revealing that he can finally be himself and “just exist” in the world. The Oscar-nominated star who announced he was a transgender man in December last year, opened up to trans journalist Thomas Page McBee for Vanity Fair about his journey…