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Ash Barty Announces Release of ‘Little Ash’ Children’s Book Series

Retired tennis superstar Ash Barty has announced the release of her children’s book series!

Called Little Ash, the series consists of six books (so far!) aimed at young readers over the age of 5, and covers fun stories about sport and friendship.

“Reading to my nieces and nephew is something I love to do, and seeing their little faces light up when we read a book they love is magic,” Ash writes on Instagram.


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“With First Nations writer Jasmin McGaughey and illustrator Jade Goodwin, I’ve created Little Ash to be fun and relatable for all kids.”

She adds that supporting kids’ education is something she’s very passionate about: “If I can help encourage new readers that will make me very happy.”

The announcement comes almost three months after the former tennis world No. 1 announced her retirement. She said at the time she wanted to “chase other dreams” and looks like she’s doing just that!

Books 1 to 4 of the series will be out in July and are currently available for pre-order HERE.

(Feature Image Credit: @Ashbarty/Instagram, HarperCollins Publishing)

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