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Carley Fortune’s ‘Meet Me At The Lake’ To Be Adapted For Netflix By Archewell Productions

Carley Fortune, the author of best-selling romance novel Meet Me at the Lake, has confirmed the book is heading to our screens, thanks to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle!

In a post on social media, Carley says she never thought she’d “be making this announcement”:

“I’m thrilled to confirm that I’m teaming up with Netflix and Archewell productions on the adaptation of ‘Meet Me at the Lake’,” Carley says referring to the couple’s media production company which has purchased the rights to the book.



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The novel follows the story of Fern and Will who, after a chance encounter, share an undeniable connection and promise to meet again one year later. While Fern shows up, Will doesn’t, and the book ultimately explores themes of childhood trauma, the loss of a parent, mental health challenges, heartbreak, love and more.


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“Will and Fern’s love story is dear to my heart, and I can’t imagine a more perfect partnership,” Carley adds. “Writing this book was a tremendous personal challenge, and to see it recognised in this way is truly incredible.”

Meet Me at the Lake is a New York Times best-selling book and Carley’s second novel. Her first, Every Summer After (also a best-seller), is a nostalgic story of friendship and love.

This will mark Harry and Meghan’s third project with Netflix. You might remember, the couple stepped away from their royal duties and moved to Los Angeles back in 2020, soon after signing a deal to produce programs for the streamer. Their documentary Harry & Meghan premiered in December last year and a docu-series about The Invictus Games, titled The Heart of Invictus is in the works however is yet to be released.


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Carley Fortune's novel 'Meet Me at the Lake'



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