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Justin Baldoni Announces Next Book: Boys Will Be Human

Justin Baldoni is releasing another book!

The filmmaker, actor, philanthropist and dad who’s been challenging the discussion around masculinity through his first book and subsequent podcast Man Enough is now taking one of the most important conversation’s of our time to a younger audience.

It’s called Boys Will Be Human and it’s aimed at tweens and teens to help them, as it says on the cover, become “the strongest, kindest, bravest” person they can be.

“This is a book I desperately needed in middle school, as those years were some of the most confusing, painful, awkward, and difficult times in my life,” Justin shares on Instagram.


“It’s when I learned that my allegiance as a man was to my own gender, and that being strong, powerful, dominant, and sexual were my only options. It’s when I learned to make choices not from a place of love but from a place of fear and survival. Fear that my manhood would be challenged or taken away, fear that I would be bullied and harassed. It’s when it felt like the world was screaming that who I was—even when I was still figuring out who I was—wasn’t enough. And it would never be.”

By writing this book, Justin says he hopes to be the loud voice that young boys need to remind them that “who they are, as they are, is enough.”

The book comes out on October 18. You can pre-order HERE.

(Feature Image Credit: @justinbaldoni/Instagram)

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