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Kristen Bell & Benjamin Hart’s New Children’s Book is Out Now!

Actor and producer Kristen Bell and creative director Benjamin Hart’s new children’s book, The World Needs More Purple Schools, is finally out!

It’s a follow-up to their first book, The World Needs More Purple People (a No. 1 New York Times bestseller!) and once again follows the heart-warming story of Penny Purple who teaches us to embrace the things that bring us together, while celebrating all the stuff that makes us unique. This time though, Penny and her pals head to the classroom to make school a welcoming place for all.

According to Kristen, the book which is aimed at readers aged 3 to 7, is also a “giant love letter to educators everywhere.”


“The ones who wake up every morning and encourage us to be curious, to work hard, to listen, to use our voice, to share, to compromise and so much more. I really hope you enjoy it,” she says in a short clip shared on Instagram:


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Co-author Benjamin Hart adds that both books are a “not-so-subtle nod” to the increasing division amongst people in the US:

“The reality is that we must figure out some way to remember that we are not each other’s enemies. That it’s not us and them – it’s just us. So yes, this book is for kids, but it’s also a book we hope a lot of us grownups take some detailed notes on. Because this book is a hopeless optimist (as are its authors). This book believes that when you strip away the noise, there is goodness everywhere, and so many people who can find their shared humanity in the story of one another.”

Kristen and Benjamin have previously worked together on The New Puppy and The New Bike, both books for young readers. They also teamed up in 2019 to found baby company Hello Bello.

(Feature Image Credit: courtesy Random House)

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