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Lilly Singh Hopes to Boost South Asian Stories Through Her New Book Club

Lilly Singh has a new project in the works!

The YouTube star, comedian, entrepreneur and #GirlLove advocate is starting her very own book club that aims to celebrate South Asian stories.

“It is through stories that we understand ourselves and the world around us,” she writes, announcing “Lilly’s Library” on her socials.


“And I know from experience that seeing yourself in a story can have such an incredible impact. It’s a beautiful and magical sensation to feel seen. One in four people on the planet are South Asian, yet our stories are seldom given a platform on a global level. This is my effort to change that and give more people that magical feeling. Readers and authors alike.”


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Hilariously, she adds,”unlike during my teenage years, I’m no longer lying about going to the library. I am not meeting up with my secret boyfriend. I’m actually going to read books! And I hope you’ll take the journey with me.”

The first book in Lilly’s Library is due to be announced on December 10 which Lilly promises is “a juicy one.”

You can follow the club’s Instagram page HERE. 

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