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Rebel Wilson Releases an Empowering Picture Book About Overcoming Shyness

Actress, singer, comedian, writer and all ’round legend Rebel Wilson is officially a children’s book author now too!

The Hollywood superstar has released her first book called “Bella the Brave” about a young girl overcoming shyness – which, believe it or not, is loosely based on her own childhood.

(I know, right. Rebel Wilson..shy? Insert all the mind explosion emojis here!)

“I was a very shy, shy young kid. And I basically found some self-confidence and self-expression through the arts and through my mum dragging me to classes at a community centre,” she says in a video message posted by publisher Hachette.


“My inspiration is just to share with young people stories about my life as a child growing up in Sydney and hopefully to help motivate, encourage and inspire kids out there and to kind of help them through some tricky paths in life that I’ve had to struggle with.”

According to the blurb, “Bella has so much to say, but she’s just too shy. If only she could be more like her confident sister, Stella. Then one day, Bella’s mum brings her to local choir. Could it finally be Bella’s time to shine?”

Earlier this year, Rebel did a book cover reveal with her 10.2 million followers on Instagram:


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You can order your very own copy of “Bella the Brave” HERE.

(Feature Image Credit: @HachetteKidsANZ/Twitter)

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