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Rebel Wilson smiles at a press event wearing a pink dress.

Rebel Wilson to Release Memoir: ‘Rebel Rising’

Rebel Wilson has announced she’s releasing a memoir!

The book, titled Rebel Rising, will follow “the most personal and important moments in her life” according to US publisher Simon & Schuster.

“All told with her trademark unapologetic wit and humour, Rebel Rising, will show her legion of fans how to learn to love themselves while making them laugh uncontrollably at the same time.”

A press release promises we’ll find out the answers to many questions the Senior Year and Pitch Perfect star has faced in her life including, “Will I ever find love?” and “Am I good enough?”

Rebel added, “This book is like me sitting down telling my deepest, darkest secrets to a friend… with some laughs along the way of course… so when it’s released, ‘my friend’ will become you.”



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On Instagram, she said she’s “pumped” to share her story with the world:

“A malaria induced hallucination? An all-style-martial arts fighting tournament? Junior handling at dog shows? And this was all BEFORE I moved to Hollywood! I am so pumped to announce my book REBEL RISING, which is available NOW for pre-order and officially released April 2nd, 2024. For the first time, I’ve written about my journey – everything from weight gain and loss, sexuality, fertility issues, overcoming shyness, rejections etc. And of course I’ve put in some juicy celeb stuff too!!”

She ends her post, “This is my story, told my way. And I can’t wait to share it with you! I’ve been secretly working hard on this for the past 18 months and am so excited to get it out into the world!”

Rebel is currently in Australia filming The Deb, which is her directorial debut.

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Did you know Rebel has already released a children’s book titled Bella the Brave? It’s about a young girl who overcomes shyness – yep, just like Rebel did in her own childhood.

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