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Reese Witherspoon is Releasing Her First Children’s Book: “Busy Betty”

Award-winning actress, entrepreneur, empower-er (is that a word? It should be!) of women and overall human ray of sunshine Reese Witherspoon is releasing her first children’s book!

According to publisher, Flamingo Books, Busy Betty is about a “creative curious and an exuberant young girl who has big plans and an even bigger heart.”

Hello, we love it already. 

The story follows Betty who is trying to give her dog Frank a bath which turns out being much more difficult than she thought! But her friend Mae pitches in and according to the book’s description, “Betty learns she can accomplish anything with perseverance, teamwork and one great idea.”


“I’m so excited to share Busy Betty with the world. Since the moment I had a daughter of my own, I have been searching for characters whose self-expression is front and centre and holistically portrays the experience of being a young girl,” Reese says in a statement.

Sharing a first-loot at the book’s adorable cover on Instagram, Reese adds that the whole thing was inspired by her own “goofy, mischievous, creative and very BUSY” childhood.

“Oh boy, I made a lot of messes and mistakes and through many big fails, I learned who I was and what made me UNIQUE. That’s how this books was born,” she continues.

“Busy Betty is a character who is shaped by Young Reese: a girl with big glasses, her big brothers’ hand-me-downs, who loved Dolly Parton and horror movies…equally!”

The book is illustrated by Xindi Yan and is due out on October 5.

(Feature Image Credit: DFree/Shutterstock; Inset Flamingo Books/Penguin Random House)

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