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Emily Ratajkowski at a red carpet event. She has long brown hair that sits past her shoulders.

You Can Now Pre-Order Emily Ratajkowski’s Book Of Essays “My Body”


Model, actress, activist, writer and mum-to-be, Emily Ratajkowski penned a chilling essay last year on power, control and the way women, especially those in the public eye, are robbed of owning their self-image.

It was horrifying and eye-opening at the same time. It was eloquent and articulate. And it was one of many essays she’d written during lockdown about the ideas of feminism, the patriarchy and her experiences within the entertainment industry.

Now, her work has been compiled in a book titled “My Body” which will be officially released next year, but pre-orders are open today. (Hooray! Click to get on the list.)


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“Thrilled to share the cover of MY BODY,” Emrata (as her millions of online fans call her) posted on Insta.

“It’s surreal to pre-order my own book! Thank you to all who have shared, ordered and made me feel so supported today. Can’t wait for you all to read these essays.”

According to the book’s official description, we can expect a “deeply honest” account about our culture’s commodification of women:

“My Body is a profoundly personal exploration of feminism, sexuality, and power, of mens’ treatment of women and women’s rationalisations for accepting that treatment,” it reads.


“These essays chronicle moments from Ratajkowski’s life while investigating the culture’s fetishisation of girls and female beauty, its obsession with and contempt for women’s sexuality, the perverse dynamics of the fashion and film industries, and the grey area between consent and abuse.”

In an earlier post, Emily shared: “It’s surreal to be working with an imprint that has published so many writers I admire (Noam Chomsky! Edward Snowden!).”

To pre-order Emily’s book, click HERE.

(Feature Image Credit: Tinseltown/Shutterstock.com)

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