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Gemma Chan smiles at a red carpet event. She wears an off the shoulder floral pink dress. Her hair is long and black, tied back in a loose ponytail.

Gemma Chan Appointed Ambassador For UNICEF UK

Hollywood star Gemma Chan has a new gig.

She’s been appointed Ambassador for UNICEF UK, joining the likes of supermodel Claudia Schiffer and Spice Girl Emma Bunton.

“It’s never been a more difficult yet crucial time to protect children,” she writes in an Instagram post.


“Supporting Unicef over the past few years, I’ve seen first hand the difference they make in children’s lives. I look forward to continuing their work particularly when Unicef is supplying 2 billion equitable vaccines to low and lower income countries around the world.”


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The Crazy Rich Asians actress and the new face of L’Oréal Paris has been a high profile supporter of the organisation for several years, travelling to Jamaica with them in 2019 to learn about how UNICEF is helping kids exposed to violence by funding after school sports clubs.

“I learned that almost 80% of children witness or experience violence in their homes or communities and many are traumatised as a result,” Gemma said at the time.

But the UNICEF-funded clubs are providing a safe space for the kids to not only heal but stay fit.

Other UNICEF UK Ambassadors include tennis star Andy Murray, actors Tom Hiddleston and Ewan McGregor and TV and film producer Jemima Goldsmith.

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