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a still of Ms Rachel smiling, she wears a pink t-shirt and overalls with a matching pink headband. The photo is used for her Cameo profile too.

Ms. Rachel Donates $50k From Cameo Proceeds to Help Children Impacted By War

YouTube sensation Ms. Rachel is on Cameo and she’s using her platform to support children around the world who are currently impacted by war.

The beloved social media personality took to her official Instagram page to reveal that within a few hours of launching on Cameo, an app connecting fans with their favourite celebrities through paid video messages, she raised $50,000 for Save the Children’s Emergency Fund. According to the nonprofit’s website, the fund is supporting children in Gaza, Ukraine, the Democratic Republic of Congo and more conflict zones by providing them with life-saving food, water, medicine and basic supplies.

Earlier this week Ms. Rachel, who is also an ambassador for Save the Children, shared a brief statement with her 1.9 million Insta followers emphasising the importance of children’s rights:

“Children should never experience the horrors of war – nor be killed, injured or taken hostage. These are grave violations of children’s rights,” she began.

“Children have the right to clean water, food, medical care, a safe place to live and education. We need to get aide to children and their families. We need the hostages home safe. The violence has to end. Children have rights.”

She ended her message, “We should be ashamed of how children around the world are suffering, when we could wrap each and everyone up in love.”


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Ms. Rachel, whose real name is Rachel Accurso, started her educational music channel for toddlers and preschoolers in 2019. She quickly launched to stardom during the pandemic thanks to her warm and upbeat voice, connecting with children all over the world. Wearing her signature pink tee and overalls, she continues to be a beacon of kindness, patience and inclusion on YouTube and her various social media pages.

(Feature Image Credit: courtesy Ms. Rachel/Instagram)


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