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Gifts that give back: Top 8 KIND presents.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead 

With the silly season just 7 WEEKS AWAY *gasp*, we’ve decided to put together a list of our favourite “KIND” gifts. These are stylish, useful and fun presents for the conscious consumer, by businesses who are giving back to the community and, slowly but surely, changing the world.

1. Moeloco Flip Flops

Pic: courtesy of Kathy Wong, Moeloco


Kathy Wong delivering canvas shoes to a school girl in India.


Everyone needs a pair of thongs, right? The Moeloco Flip Flopsleave inspirational messages imprinted in the sand AND for every pair sold, a pair of canvas shoes are donated to underprivileged kids in India.Kathy Wong (pictured below), the amazing mind behind it all, says around 6000 kids have received shoes since she started the business in 2014.  “Many kids were walking through open sewerages and toxic waste barefoot so they weren’t allowed to attend school. Now they have access to an education.”

And the benefits go beyond health and education. “Many of the kids have been mistreated or live in poverty,” Kathy explains. “The shoes make them feel important. They find their confidence and build their self-worth.” 



2. Cuddle + Kind

Pic: courtesy of Cuddle + Kind



Cuddle + Kind dolls are ethically produced and hand knit by artisans in Peru.

For every doll sold, 10 meals are provided to school children in need in over 60 countries around the world including Haiti, Kenya and Cambodia.

So far over 1.5 million food packs have reached kids in orphanages and through school meals programs. The team is now aiming to donate 1 million meals a year as the business grows.


3. Nalu Clothing

Pic: courtesy of NALU


NALU is a funky youth street wear brand started by teenage siblings Dali and Finn.They were just 11 and 8 years old when they discovered many of their friends in India weren’t allowed to go to school because they didn’t own a uniform. So they did something about it.

They started NALU and for every 4 items sold, they donate a school uniform to kids in Bali, Indonesia and India, aiming to break the poverty cycle by keeping kids in school.

They’ve donated 6680 uniforms in just 3 years.


4. Secret Sisterhood

Pic: courtesy of Secret Sisterhood


One for the important women in your life.

The Secret Sisterhood is all about promoting equality, love and kindness. They give 90% of their profits to women’s charities like the Entrust Foundation which aims to free 10 thousand girls from modern day slavery through shelter and rehab programs.

Founder Jacquie Love is currently running a crowd funding campaign too – for every T-shirt sold (pictured), one tee will also be donated to a woman who’s recently experienced domestic violence.


5. Wear Your Music

Pic: bracelet made from guitar strings donated by Brian May of Queen, courtesy of Wear Your Music.


Well this is literally the coolest present EVER.Perhaps for your muso friends? Or just anyone who loves music!They are bracelets made from recycled guitar strings donated by over 150 musicians including John Mayer, Adam Levine, Lisa Loeb, Brian May, Carlos Santana and Jack Johnson.Profits from every bracelet sold go to the artist’s nominated charity. So if you buy a bracelet made from Seal’s donated strings, a percentage would go to the Worldwide Orphans Foundation which supports teenagers as they leave care and transition into their communities.www.wearyourmusic.com

6. Mãe Jewellery

Pic: courtesy of Mãe Jewellery


These rose gold and fresh water pearl pieces are designed by master jeweller Manuel Pereira for Mãe Jewellery.Each item features the signature breast cancer awareness ribbon and a portion of profits go to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. The team at Mãe is supporting the Foundation in its mission to eliminate all breast cancer deaths by the year 2030.

“It is a beautiful piece you can wear to symbolise the strength and journey,” Manuel explains, “but also give back to the National Breast Cancer Foundation to research a cure.”


7. Freshsockco

Pic: Instsagram/FreshSockCo


FreshSockCo is actually a monthly sock subscription service (who knew you could have socks delivered to your door every month? Amazing!) but what we really love about them is their range of colourful designs for the Polished Man campaign.

And you’ll know the designers too – Actor Gyton Grantley, Olympian Michael Klim, comedian Tommy Little and Lee Elliot from The Bachelorette are just a few of the famous names who’ve contributed their artistic talent.

The Polished Man campaign is calling for men (and women) to lead by example and put an end to violence against children. The funds raised go to trauma recovery and prevention programs for kids who have been impacted or are at risk of violence.



8. Connie Cottonsocks 

Pic: www.loveyoursister.org


While we’re talking about socks, we can’t go past these.

The “Connie Cottonsocks” support the incredible Love Your Sister organisation in its mission of “cancer vanquishment.”

There are blue Sammy Seal ones too of course.

We all fell in love with Connie and Sam here in Australia this year, didn’t we. Heck, if you don’t want to buy these as a pressie for someone else, just buy them for yourself and help kick cancer in the butt.



Nehal is an award-winning news presenter, the author of "A Kids Book About Kindness Online" and the founder of CelebrityKind.

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