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Judge Judy is Funding a Scholarship Program For Women Studying Law

Judge Judy is making sure more young women have the opportunity to pursue a career in law.

The iconic TV star recently made a $5 million donation towards a scholarship fund at New York Law School – the very place she studied back in the 60s, her daughter Nicole Sheindlin graduated from in ’93 and her granddaughter Sarah Rose will graduate from this year!

According to a release from the prestigious institution, the generous gift will be used to establish the “Judge Judy Sheindlin Honours Scholars Program” which will cover the cost of tuition and books for 10 young women each year and lead to a summer employment fellowship.


The scholars will also have access to a local mentoring program for young women started by Judge Judy in 2006 .

“New York Law School has evolved into a welcoming and nurturing institution since I graduated in 1965,” Judge Judy says in a statement.

“It is a joy for me to be able to support talented women in their pursuit of a career in the law. Independent and focused women not only enrich the profession, but the world.”

Hell yeah, they do!


“Judge Judy Sheindlin is one of the most prominent graduates in our school’s history,” said Anthony W. Crowell, the School’s Dean and President.

“Her gift is a profound commitment to women aspiring to attend law school, and will ensure they have the opportunity to gain a first-class education and become leaders throughout the profession.”

Judge Judy wrapped up her Emmy Award-winning show of the same name in September last year, after a successful 25 year-run. She currently stars in Judy Justice on IMDb TV.

(Feature Image Credit: Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock)

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