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Greta Thunberg will cross the Atlantic with the help of Aussie YouTubers Riley Whitelum and Elayna Carausu. (Photo: @gretathunberg/Facebook)

Aussie YouTube Sailing Stars to Give Greta Thunberg a Lift to Europe

Climate activist Greta Thunberg will soon be on her way to a United Nations climate meeting in Spain, thanks to Aussie YouTube couple Riley Whitelum and Elayna Carausu. 

The 16-year-old who has given up unnecessary air travel announced on social media today that the sailing vloggers would help her make the trip across the Atlantic.

“So happy to say that I’ll hopefully make it to COP25 in Madrid,” Greta wrote on Instagram. “I’ve been offered a ride from Virginia, USA on the french 48ft sailing catamaran La Vagabonde.”

Whitelum and Carausu who have been sailing around the world since 2014 documenting their adventures on YouTube for their one million (plus) followers, responded to a tweet from Greta asking for help.

“Now I need to find a way to cross the Atlantic in November…If anyone could help me find transport I would be so grateful,” she wrote on Twitter.

Whitelum replied: “If you get in contact with me, I’m sure we could arrange something.”

Greta will be travelling with the Aussie couple, their baby boy Lenny (also a rising social media star!) and professional yachtswoman Nikki Henderson. 

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