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David Beckham, Billie Eilish and More Ask Sir David Attenborough Questions About the Planet

(Photo: Netflix)

Sir David Attenborough has been answering questions about the climate crisis and the planet from some of his most famous fans.

Soccer star David Beckham, singer Billie Eilish and actress Maisie Williams are among a number of celebrities who have taken part in a video clip released by Netflix to help draw attention to Sir David’s latest film, A Life On Our Planet.

“If you had one message for our children about the future of our world, what would it be?” Beckham asks the 94-year-old wildlife broadcaster.

Sir David’s reply being, “to look after the wild world of which we are a part. To care for the animals you see. Don’t wast things – don’t waste food or electricity.  Look after the natural world – it is the most precious thing we have and we are a part of it.”

Billie Eilish then asked about Sir David’s personal feelings regarding  “all the animals that are losing their lives and going extinct.”

“You feel desperate,” he replied describing a diving adventure to a colourful coral reef. When he returned one year later, that same coral reef had died due to rising sea temperatures.

“That was a terrible sight and terrible vision for what we are doing to the natural world, not only in the sea but on the land and in the air.”

Sir David also answered questions from soccer star and activist Marcus Rashford, Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams and Sex Education cast members Asa Butterfield, Kedar Williams-Sterling and Patricia Allison. 

The documentary, David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet, which gives us a glimpse of what our future could be if we all make some effort, is out now on Netflix.


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