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Jason Momoa smiling at the camera with brown shoulder-length, wavy hair, a moustache and short beard. He's wearing a black suit and has a cream-coloured beaded necklace on.

Jason Momoa is Challenging Us All to #MakeWaves for Earth Week

Jason Momoa is on a mission to help the planet – or #makewaves – and he wants all of us to take part too.

The Hollywood star, entrepreneur and environmentalist has shared a video after his first week of filming Fast and Furious 10, asking his 16.8 million fans to consider making small changes to their daily lives:

“It is Earth week this week, okay? And so this whole week I’m going to be releasing really cool slash silly things just about trying to change the planet. I want to do stuff just to encourage you and you can make your own videos or you know, you can repost the dumb stuff I’m posting.”

Jason explains the main aim here, is “to spread knowledge” and do the little things that, collectively can add up like “turn off your light” or “swapping a plastic cup for a recyclable aluminium cup” or “bring your water from home” rather than buying a plastic bottle.

“Just make a change and help our Earth. She needs our help,” Jason says.


Plus, he’s tagged his celeb pals in the post, namely Ryan Reynolds, The Rock and Gal Gadot so they can help spread the message and get involved too!

Earth Week runs from April 18 to April 22. But hey, really we’re all for Earth Week every week!

Check out his full message below:


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