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Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin at the climate protest in Washington D.C Photo: @Firedrillfriday/Instagram)

Lily Tomlin Stands Up For the Planet Alongside Jane Fonda (and gets arrested)

Jane Fonda’s Grace & Frankie co-star Lily Tomlin has been arrested at the latest climate protest in Washington D.C.

The Hollywood star can be seen being taking away by police in a video posted to the official Twitter account of the Fire Drill Friday protests:

Jane Fonda has been calling for urgent climate change action since October, turning up to the steps of the U.S Capitol building every Friday to discuss important issues affecting the planet. This week, protestors put the spotlight on the importance of keeping forests intact and developing sustainable practices.

The Hollywood legend has been arrested multiple times since getting involved with Fire Drill Fridays. Fellow actors Ted Danson, Sally Field and June Diane Raphael have also been arrested during the weekly protests.



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