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Mr Beast’s on a Mission To Remove 30 Million Pounds of Rubbish From Our Beaches & Oceans

Two years after YouTube star and philanthropist Mr Beast launched “Team Trees,” a mission to plant 20 million trees around the world – which sounded impossible, but he totally crushed by the way – he’s now moving on to our oceans with fellow YouTuber and former NASA engineer Mark Rober, with a mission called “Team Seas.”

The aim is to remove 30 million – yes million – pounds of rubbish from our waterways and beaches by January 1, 2022. And he’s asked some of the biggest influencers in the world to join in, to make it “one of the biggest, baddest most-impactful cleanup projects of all time.”

How does it work exactly? Well, it’s all very carefully thought out, with professionals and local clean up organisations involved in different ways.


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To clean up our oceans, Mr Beast has teamed up with Ocean Conservancy and their Global Ghost Gear Initiative who work to pick up some of the deadliest ocean trash – lost abandoned or discarded fishing gear.

According to the Team Seas website, this is “super tricky to recover” and there are specially trained experts who “float the gear to the surface, where the gear will be hooked onto boat cranes and lifted out of the ocean.”


And what happens to it once it’s removed? They’re hoping to return the gear to local fishers and recycle what’s possible.

When it comes to cleaning up beaches, Mr Beast and his teams will be identifying the places where cleanups will have the greatest impact and tackle those areas through the help of volunteers. They’ll then recycle all accepted materials and otherwise safely dispose of the trash.

And as for other waterways such as rivers, Mr Beast is working with an organisation called The Ocean Cleanup who’ve developed some pretty incredible ‘Interceptor’ technology, a solar powered system that can collect rubbish autonomously.


It’s all then brought to shore and disposed of by local waste management authorities.

Right now, Mr Beast is asking for donations of $1 which equates to being able to remove 1 pound of rubbish and will support ongoing projects to keep our oceans clean once this epic mission is over.

Learn more at TeamSeas.org

(Feature Image Credit: @mrbeast/Instagram)

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