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Nicole Scherzinger picking up plastic waste from the ocean (Photo: @nicolescherzinger/Instagram)

Nicole Scherzinger Cleans Up Sea While Holidaying in Italy

She’s on holidays in one of the most beautiful parts of the world and Nicole Scherzinger is doing her bit to make sure it stays beautiful.

The singer has posted a photo of herself picking up plastic waste out of the crystal, blue waters off Capri. And she’s hoping we’ll follow her lead no matter where we live.

You don’t need plastic bags, straws or water bottles!” she tells her 3.8 million Insta followers. “Save our stunning oceans!”

“In America alone, we throw away 100 BILLION plastic bags each year!” she continues. “It only takes 1 to kill an endangered sea turtle that has confused it for a jellyfish to eat.”

Nicole is not only encouraging us to ditch single-use plastic, but to also actively take steps to clean up our oceans:

“There are tons of ways to get involved and support cleaning up our oceans,” she writes before listing a number of organisations which work to protect the environment including the Leonardo Dicaprio Foundation.

Like she says in her post, “the world is changed by your example, not your opinion.”

How do you help our oceans? Tell us below:

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