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Prince William Answers Questions About the Earthshot Prize (& Unicorns!) In First Insta Q&A

Prince William has taken part in his first Instagram Q&A ahead of the Earthshot Prize Awards Ceremony this weekend – and he answered all sorts of important questions, from the purpose of the prize to whether unicorns actually exist!

The royal began by explaining what Earthshot is all about and why he decided to create it:

“The Earthshot Prize is a global environment prize trying to inspire positivity and solutions to tackle some of the world’s biggest environmental challenges,” William said.

“Inspiration to create it is coming back from going around the world and seeing some amazing places and some amazing people doing incredible work. And I think this prize needs to be highlighting those individuals, giving them a platform, giving them a profile to present their solution and show people that we can actually fix this stuff and ultimately, I want my children’s future to be better than what we currently have at the moment, as we all do.”


He went on to explain how tackling the climate crisis requires some “optimism” and hope right now that change is possible as well as urgent action because “time is absolutely crucial.”

Of course, like all Insta Q&A’s Prince William also copped a few random questions, like “are unicorns real?” – which he politely answered:

“Well I think if you talked to my daughter she’d say they were real.  Obviously it’s a trade secret so I can’t possibly comment.”


There was also a question about whether he can speak Spanish to which he replied, “Sí, un poquito” which translates to “Yes, a little.”

And one about what his “perfect Sunday” is like, which he managed to cleverly pivot back to the Earthshot Prize being held this Sunday.

Both the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will attend the event where they’ll announce the five winning ideas from 15 finalists. The winners will then receive  £1 million in funding to grow their plans and ultimately help the environment!

Also attending the event will be a number of famous faces including Emma Watson, Ed Sheeran and Shawn Mendes.

If you’d like to watch, you can catch The Earthshot Prize Ceremony live on Discovery’s Facebook page. It’ll be broadcast live on Sunday October 17 from London at 8pm.

(Feature Image Credit: Prince William still via @dukeandduchessofcambridge/Instagram Stories)

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