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Sam Heughan Spends Birthday Helping Nonprofit Plant One Thousand Trees

Outlander star Sam Heughan is celebrating another trip around the sun by giving back to the planet.

The actor, who turned 42 on April 30, teamed up with his “Peakers” (a global membership community started by Sam in 2015 to help people live healthier lifestyles) and One Tree Planted (the community’s charity partner which focuses on global reforestation efforts) to plant *checks notes* a thousand trees!

“What a wonderful birthday!” Sam posted on Insta, sharing photos from the day.

“Planting 1000 fruit trees with our Peakers on the East Coast of Scotland!”


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They were apple, pear and cherry trees, in case you were wondering…

Sam is well-known for giving back to causes close to his heart and caring about the environment. (In fact his “Peakers” program donates 50% of membership fees to charity partners including hunger relief organisations, cancer research groups and more!) Recently, he’s been vocal about supporting humanitarian efforts in Ukraine and this week, received quite the surprise birthday gift from his online fans…

Twitter user @peekaboo_jen asked her fellow Sam-lovers on social media to consider donating to UNICEF to support their work in the country, in Sam’s name.

And according to @peekaboo_jen, THEY DID – and ended up raising over US$94,000! We have reached out to UNICEF for confirmation, but either way, we dig the idea and as you can imagine, so does Sam…


“Absolutely incredible!” Sam posted on socials. “Thanks for all the kind donations and overwhelmed at the funds raised. So pleased it’s going to children and families affected in Ukraine.”

Tagging Sam in a video, the fan jokingly explained that she’d originally wanted to get him some whiskey or tequila for his birthday but changed her mind after coming across a post he shared calling for humanitarian support.

“Thank you to everyone who shared the information and/or made a donation towards this fundraiser,” @peekaboo_jen shared on Twitter.

“This incredible result is because of each of you. Because you saw the cause as worthy and because you appreciate the tall Scottish guy. We went forth, and we definitely sparkled.”

Sometimes social media really is amazing, huh?

(Feature Image Credit: DFree/Shutterstock)

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