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Shawn Mendes Urges World Leaders at COP26 to Include Youth & Frontline Communities


Shawn Mendes has an important message for world leaders who are currently in discussions at COP26, the global climate summit in Glasgow.

In a video shared through his Shawn Mendes Foundation, the superstar calls on decision-makers to include youth and frontline communities in their climate decisions:

“The real time to act was years ago but right now we are at a turning point. We’re asking for you to listen to us, to hear us, the youth are begging you to take action,” Shawn says in the clip, explaining how research shows nearly 60% of youth feel very worried or extremely worried about climate change.


“We all have our role to play and I am doing what I can, by supporting youth climate activists through my foundation, The Shawn Mendes Foundation, and working to reduce my own carbon footprint. But it’s gonna take all of us,” he continues.

“As you rise to meet this crisis, I ask that you commit to working with young people and frontline communities to co-create the solutions that will not just reverse the impacts of climate change but do so in a way that makes the world around us a better place to live. The time is now and the world is watching.”

Shawn’s video is a collaboration with the United Nations Development Program – they’re asking all of us to share our own videos using the hashtag #DearWorldLeaders to call on decision-makers to take meaningful action at COP26.

Check out his full message below…. and if you’d like to create your own video message, head to dearworldleaders.org

(Feature Image Credit: @shawnfoundation/Instagram)

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